CAT 3 Testing


  • A Sewage Contamination is considered as a Cat 3. Sewage contamination can happen when there are sewer line leakages, sewage pipe backups, and when contaminated waters enter a building from exterior flooding.
  • Microorganisms from a sewage event can range from fungi, bacteria, protozoa to detrimental viruses. Pollutants, like industrial waste, medicines, and household cleaners, are types of contaminants from Sewage, or black water that enhances the sewage threat.
  • Sewage occurrence can cause several health dangers, and there are numerous ways to become ill from sewage contamination.
    • As certain microorganisms from the sewage grow, they can contaminate the air causing various health risks if ingested or inhaled.
    • Touching contaminated services and then touching the mouth or rubbing the eyes poses a safety health concern.
  • When there are sewage spills, warm blooded animals can get gastrointestinal illnesses from exposure to infectious endotoxins from biological bacterial contaminants. E. coli and Enterococci, commonly tested types of bacteria, are usually found in the intestinal track of mammals, including humans after a flooding episode.
  • There are various samples methods used to test for the presence of microbes in a sewage flood; Bulk sampling is done to test affected materials. Standing water should also be tested. And Air Sampling is conducted to test for the presence of endotoxins.
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