Indoor Air Quality / Allergen Testing


  • There are many hidden areas in your home where allergens can collect. Your carpet is one of the main culprits for collecting allergens that were once airborne. Everything from pet dander and mold is collected in the fibers of your carpet, and unless regular cleaning is performed, those allergens are susceptible to becoming airborne again with simply walking around your home. Regular carpet cleaning will extract allergens from carpet fibers if done properly. A cleaning process called “hot water extraction” also known as steam cleaning is most efficient in ridding carpet of allergens.
  • High-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA) are very beneficial to those who are concerned with allergens. There are many different products that contain HEPA filters, but they all aide in the same ways. HEPA filters cleanse the air of all the microbial airborne particulates and, when vacuuming, ensure that dust and dander do not return into the atmosphere. HEPA filters are also available for central air conditioners which create better indoor air quality overall.
  • There are many affordable products that can be purchased and delivered to your home as soon as tomorrow. As mentioned above, HEPA filters help improve indoor air quality by cleaning the air and trapping particulates. There are many air purifiers, filters, and vacuums that have a HEPA filter built in. Purchasing a built in air purification system that works alongside your HVAC system can do wonders for your air quality.
  • Tea tree oil is a natural remedy that can aide in purifying the air your home. This natural fungicide does not get rid of all types of allergens, but it can reduce mold formation by destroying fungi. People who live in wet climates such as Georgia and Florida can benefit from using tea tree oil daily.
  • The best option you have is to call a professional air quality company to assess your home. Professionals can measure the particulates in your air and determine the source of harmful allergens. They can also educate on the proper ways to prevent allergen formation. Call a professional today to guide you in ridding the air in your home of harmful allergens.
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