Mold Remediation


  • Mold Remediation is the physical removal of mold contamination from structures, systems, and contents to return them to their former conditions. The primary goal of remediation is to control moisture. Mold is dependent on water for growth. All materials must be dried first, before reconstruction can even begin. Different building materials react differently to moisture, so the remediator has to learn what methods can effectively treat the material.
  • Multiple Equipment and tools are used to establish a physical barrier of air flow between the contaminated areas to lessen contaminated areas. Sturdy frames of different materials are to be erected, and select Polyethylene Plastic (due to the material being impermeable) of clear, opaque, or black transparency is placed over the constructed frame, and held together by fasteners.
  • Air Filtration Devices (AFDs) are air moving devices with filters. AFD can be configured as a “negative air machine” (NAM) which pressurizes air from and into contained areas, or “air scrubbers” which filters and re-circulates air to remove contamination.
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