Smoke and Soot Testing


  • During a Combustion Incident, an evaluation of the property is done to verify the presence of Char, Black Carbon (Soot), and Ash. An analysis is then completed to determine the extent of damage on the property. The Lab Report from the analysis is then presented for insurance claims, or can be used for a cleaning assessment. SoFlo Environmental, LLC uses Tape Lifts and Wipe Sampling as means of sampling surfaces (such as TV, computer screens, windows, furniture).
    • Char occurs when an item is partially burned, and mainly the surface is blackened.
    • Soot or Black Carbon happens when an item is not completely burnt out, but there is a black powdery or flaky substance covering the item.
    • Ash is the powdery residue that remains after an item is destroyed when burned.
  • A deep cleaning of burnt areas is sometimes a necessity; a simple wiping of burnt surfaces may not be sufficient. If fire debris on a property is not properly removed, people can develop respiratory health problems or can aggravate respiratory problems.
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