Mold Inspections/Assessment

Mold Inspection / Assessment and Other Environmental Testing

Our quality mold inspection process starts with a thorough visual assessment of the property. If needed, we will use a thermal imaging camera to locate moisture behind walls and will also measure the moisture levels throughout the property using our moisture sensing meters. We will identify the areas that were possibly affected such as high risks water intrusion areas, areas of excess moisture, and any visible mold growth. When we inspect and confirm these affected areas of concerns we will mutually agree on a plan for Mold testing which includes swab and air sampling. During the testing process the mold samples collected will be sent to an independent laboratory to be evaluated for further analysis.

After we get the results back from the lab, we put together a final report using the results of the tests and the findings of our Mold Assessor. This final report includes all the readings, pictures and observations of the mold inspection. Some people will just receive a clearance certificate letting them know that there is no need for further action as the test revealed there were no problematic mold levels.

As a Certified Mold Assessor, we understand the importance of an expert assessment in determining any remedial plans for your property. During our inspection, we do an initial visual examination to help identify possible or potential mold areas on the property. As part of this inspection, we appraise and digitally document any detection on your walls, ceiling areas, area rugs and/ or carpeting, furniture, and your ventilation system. We also document any damage to surrounding cellulosic fabrics and surfaces. In order to do a deeper evaluation of surface areas for possible mold, our experienced assessors utilize various Mold Testing Methods and Measuring Equipment.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Converts thermal energy or heat into visible light in order to evaluate if there is moisture behind walls and other surfaces

Mold Sampling Swabs

Helps to determine the presence of fungal spore in an affected area.

ATP SystemSure Plus

Testing method used to quickly assess surface cleanliness and determine presence of contamination, including mold

Digital Camera

Used to take pictures of areas on the property that has potential mold damage.

Tape Lift Sampler

Technique that allows a quick examination of an area to test for fungal spores!

Thermo – Hygrometer

Used to measure temperature and relative humidity levels.

Air Sampling Pump

Device used to monitor industrial, environmental, indoor air quality.

Air-o-cell Cassettes

A cassette that quickly collects a wide range of airborne microbes, including mold spores, pollen, skins cells, etc.

Moisture Sensor

Meters that can help identify areas of concentrated moisture for potential mold growth.

  • SoFlo Environmental, LLC provides Mold Inspections, Indoor Air Quality Inspections, Smoke and Soot Testing, Cat 3, Clearance Testing and other Environmental Testing throughout the Tri-County Areas (Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach).
  • At SoFlo Environmental, LLC we use specialized, state of the art Equipment such as Infrared Cameras, Moisture Sensors and Detection Devices, Thermo hygrometers, ATP SystemSure Monitor, Wonder Air and Bio Plus Air Sampling Pumps. We serve as your Disaster Recovery Investigator that uses the Science of Thermal Imaging, Moisture Mapping, Air & Swab Sampling, etc. that can document and explain the reasons for your loss/damages.
  • We provide a detailed Mold Assessment Report which includes an Extract of the Laboratory Report, Floor Plan, Work Plan, Protocol for Structural, Contents and HVAC Systems Remediation, Thermal & Digital pictures of the affected areas and Other Reference information from the Standards of Care (IICRC-S500 and S520).
  • SoFlo Environmental, LLC will work with ALL parties involved to Identify Complications that have or will arise from Water, Fire, Smoke and Mold Exposure. We Bill Insurance Companies Directly (for some services) as such there is NO Upfront Cost for Pre and Post Testing to the INSURED.
  • We work with all Professionals to make the Disaster Recovery a Hassle FREE process. (Realtors, Property Management Companies, Public Adjusters, Attorneys, Remediation Companies, Roofing Companies and Other Services Company).
  • We have Same Day Appointments and QUICK turn times for Inspections, Laboratory Sample Results and Mold Assessment and Other Reports.
  • The final step is the mold remediation.  Depending on the findings, we will prepare an insurance approved Microbial Remediation Protocol. If needed you can visit our website under Resources to get additional information of the Remediation Process.
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