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Discovering the source of infrastructure damage and areas of concern is the first step to our process. Identifying the cause of the issue will allow us to advance to the next step of our system.


Our testing services will allow us to evaluate the results and further examine the root of the problem. Testing each and every area thoroughly to drive the most detailed results possible is our priority.


During our assessment process we will gather all of the previously collected information to accurately determine the necessary steps to take. Our assessors are licensed, insured, and offer a great deal of expertise.


Great! Sohan was great in explaining upfront what would happen and costs over the phone. was able to schedule an appointment for the next day. Service person was on time, and got report the next day. – G. Chamberlain

They Are Professional

First company called. Nice, easy to deal with. Same day service.

They get the JOB DONE!

I will recommend “SoFlo Environment ”, to everyone. I’m very satisfied with the work I received. Inspector was prompt and thorough.G. – Fitz Property Owner, Miami

They are Thorough

How do I prevent or avoid mold from growing?

1.You must control moisture and humidity to avoid mold growth. Mold cannot grow without moisture. 2.Leaks, condensation,  high humidity  and a flood are the 4 main causes for mold growth. 3.If you suspect there is mold growing, I suggest getting it tested as soon as...

Mold Prevention

All of us have рrоbаblу еxреriеnсеd some form of mold аt one time оr another, maybe it wаѕ thе grееn ѕtuff hidden in the rеfrіgеrаtоr bу ѕоmе lеftоvеr fоrgоttеn cheese оr mауbе іt wаѕ the tоxіс black fungus grоwіng іn plain ѕіght оn the bаthrооm wаll. Anуwау you lооk...

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